Ohio State Fairgrounds 2017

Ohio State Fair 2017 Fairgrounds

 Ohio State Fair 2017 – Address:

Ohio State Fair 2017 will be held at Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, United States of America and it’s a 12-day event from July 26th – August 6th, 2017. The main events in this Fair are,

  • Agriculture Products
  • Animal Health Products
  • Birds Food
  • Chemicals
  • Energy Equipment
  • Dairy Equipment

Ohio State Fair 2017 – Ohio Expo Center:

The permanent home for Ohio State Fair from 1886 is Ohio Expo Center. This is most famous and busiest center of Columbus.  Ohio Expo Center was established on August 30th, 1886 when 37th Ohio State Fair was held and the area of Center is more than 100 acres according to planning and procurement resources. This beautiful and stunning land adjacent to main railroad joints in Columbus terminated.

In the Ohio Expo Center half-mile of the area reserved for the track with 5000 seat grandstand. Main features are.

  • A Magnificent Exhibition Building
  • The Power Hall to hold Machinery
  • Numerous small Lakes which covers the approximately 3.5 acres
  • Masses of Barn Designed to hold the 448 Horses, 420 head of Cattle, 400 sheep and 450 Hogs

In Midwest, Ohio Expo Center is one of the most dynamic and active events locations now a day and it conquers 360 acres in the core of Columbus. It is located near to north of downtown and Port Columbus International Airport.


Ohio State Fair 2017 – Ohio Expo Center Features:

For The Ohio State Fair, more than one million square feet area is reserved under the Expo Center roof and the parking is available for 14,000 vehicles. The seating capacity for the audience in the fair is around 20,000 and ties for 2,000 cattle. The Center includes,

  • 20 Unique Buildings including the Historic touch
  • Modern Livestock facilities
  • Basketball Courts
  • Ice Rink
  • 10,000 Seat Arena
  • Multi-Purpose Buildings

Ohio Expo Center provides the facility to organize the various events and some top events are,

  • All- American Quarter Horse Congress
  • Equine Affairs
  • Goodguys Rod and Custom Car Shows
  • Ohio Beef Expo
  • Deer and Turkey Expo

The proudest thing is that Columbus Crew, Major League Soccer team called the Ohio Expo Center is home. All type of events is held each year like Sporting Event, Consumer Shows, Livestock events Banquets, wedding, meeting, and conferences.



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