Ohio State Fair Rides 2017 – A Fun Loving Thing

Ohio State Fair Rides 2017

Are you wondering about the activities for Ohio State Fair 2017?  Did you know the meaning of fair Rides?

Okay ….. Don’t worry at all.

Let me explain all the things simple.

Ohio State Fair Rides 2017 – What is That???

“Fair Rides is typically as recreation “In short, A State Fair Ride, a roller coaster, merry-go-round, or other amusement ridden at a fair or amusement park.

There are so many things that can be done in the Ohio State Fair 2017”. Choosing a single activity is difficult for a person who is unable to travel.

If a person have not willing to travel any place then he/she might be limited to the local activity.


Don’t let yourself down, because we have another things for.


The fun loving thing is, to go to the “Expo Center” to make some fun. Riding Coaster on “Ohio State Fair 2017” which is also known as “Ohio State Fair Rides” is loving thing to do.

Make sure to have DSLR Camera to capture the every moment of your life in the “Ohio State fairgrounds 2017”

In this way, you will be able to have great and solid evidence to show your friends that, you can have some rides at “Ohio State Fair 2017”and also enjoy delicious State Fair Food .

So, if you have made up your mind to go to “Ohio State Fair 2017” then you have to have some knowledge regarding Ohio State Fair Rides 2017.

Ohio State Fair Rides 2017 – Timing & Tickets Pricing

The Odyssey


Timing: 10 am to 11 pm

Ride Tickets: Sold as $1 Coupons

Kiddie Rides Requirements: 1 Coupon

Spectacular Rides Requirements: 2 Coupons

Super Spectacular Rides Requirements: 3 Coupons

Special Ride All the Day Requirements: $25


Buckeye Health Plan Sky Glider:

Ohio State Fair 2017 is well known by the world longest Sky rides which is also called as Portable Sky Rides of Ohio State Fair. Go and enjoy a mile journey across the Ohio State Fair. The Prices of The Sky Rides is $3 for one way rides.


Giant Slide:

Giant Slide have the following features.

  • Hike Up the 105 Steps
  • 144 Foot Long slide

Ohio State Fair Rides 2017

Mountain Dew Midway:

  • More than 60 rides.
  • Free-Fall Drops
  • Twisting
  • Turning
  • Plunge
  • Spin
  • Shock &Excite



Kddieland is developed for the kids with their family. It includes Mini-Coaster. Price is 1 Coupon.


*Note: These prices are not updated. We will provide the updated tickets Info soon.


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