Ohio State Fair Food 2017

Ohio State Fair Food

Are You looking for quality and delicious fair meal and get hell fun with friends and families???

Then you must visit the Ohio State Fair 2017 on the months of July and August at Ohio Expo Center and Fairgrounds.


Ohio State Fair Food 2017 – Vendors:

The Cheapest and fresh Ohio State Fair snacks are easier to find at the fair. Ohio State Food Fair offers the hundreds of ways to build your own food business. According to Fair’s Committee survey, 78 percent visitors and guest the visit the vendors in Ohio Expo Center.

So what are you waiting for??? Go and eat the quality food with your friends and families.

 Ohio State Fair Food 2017 – Food Choice:

There are many reasons for the food choices made every day. These choices depend on our cultures, taste, religious background and world conditions.  Some delicious food points that will attract you on Ohio State Fair 2017 are:

  • WNCI Food Highway
  • Taste of Ohio Café presented by Ohio’s Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net
  • Market Place International Food Court


WNCI Food Highway:

WNCI Food Highway positioned under the Sky-Glider and the features of WNCI Food abundantly delicious Fair foods.

  • Delicious Barbecue
  • Sausage Sandwiches d
  • Deep-Fried Treats

 Taste of Ohio Café presented by Ohio’s Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net:

Ohio’s agricultural commodity groups provided the slice of Ohio Grown Watermelon with a Sandwich and Salad including the Ohio Dairy Producers Association, Ohio Cattlemen’s Association, Ohio Corn Growers Association, Ohio Grape Industries Committee, Ohio Pork Producers Council, Ohio Poultry Association, and Ohio Sheep Improvement Association. In Ohio State Fair 2017 you can get nutritious, delicious meals with Ohio products at the Café’s Heartland Cuisine Cooking Demonstrations.

Market Place International Food Court:

With 3.5-acre air conditioned ability, Market Place International cuisines including Chinese, Mexican and Italian are kept in the center of the Food Court building.

You will definitely find a meal that you will love at the fair. Some More people’s favorite juices and food are:

  • Lemon Shake Ups
  • Chocolate Covered Bacon
  • Depp Fried Candy Bars


Ohio State Fair is perfect place to spend your summer’s holidays and you can visit approximately 300 exhibitions and 200 vendors for food lovers. You can find and eat all types of cousins like,

  • Mexican
  • Polish
  • Greek
  • Chinese
  • American
  • Italian


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