Ohio State Fair 2017 – Stage Entertainers

Ohio State Fair 2017 – Stage Entertainers

It is easy to walk numerous miles in a one day at Ohio State Fair 2017. Take a mind fresh and reduce the stress with an attractive performance at Ohio State Fair. It is a free entertainment stages and the list of entertainers is given below:

  • Michael Goudeau:

Michael Goudeau typically performs in Las Vegas is a world-class and comedy juggler. He is most fruitful juggler in the history of Las Vegas.

And did you know? He is the Guinness World Record holder for “Most Bites in One Minute While Juggling an Apple” now you can see him at Ohio Expo Center in Ohio State Fair Concerts 2017.

Ohio State Fair 2017 - Michael Goudeau


  • Mr.Shneadle:

Mr.Shneadle is a most funny physical comedy performance that everyone can enjoy at Ohio State Fair 2017.

  • Trevor & Lorena:

Trevor and Lorena is an award winning comedian. They can perform comedy, illusions, magic show and many more.

Ohio State Fair - Trevor & Lorena
  • Terry DaVolt

Terry DaVolt’s gives the chance to relax and enjoy an “Imagination Vacation” through his high energy show.

  • Chipper Lowell:

Chipper Lowell has won the international comedy magician award two times. His most popular show is “Hilarious and Delightfully Funny”. You can see him at Ohio State Fair 2017.


Don’t miss the Ohio State Fair 2017 at all, if you want to see the performances of these famous artists  in State Fair.


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