Ohio State Fair 2017 – Roving Entertainment

Ohio State Fair 2017 – Roving Entertainment

Did you see a superstar in your life ever? But wonders are around every corner with walking performers and you never know what you might see when you are walking at the Ohio State Fair 2017.

Now you can meet with strolling artists at Ohio Expo Center in State Fair Concerts. Some amazing entertainers list is given below,

  • Matt’s Family Jam:

This is a Collaborative modern day Family Band.

  • SupaFun Band:

      It’s a Brass Clown Band

  • Dean “Satchmo” Simms Trio:

It’s a Trumpet Band.

  • Rock-It the Robot:

This is lifelike animated robot.

  • Pogo Fred:

It’s a world record pogo stick jumper.



  • Texas Terry:

It’s a Cowboy Comedy.

  • Danny DeVito:

It’s a Celebrity Impersonator.

  • Zach Galifianakis:

It’s a Celebrity Impersonator.

  • Hip Hop Juggler
  • Professor Wheeler
  • Groovy Guy Show


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