Ohio State Fair 2017 Education – Learning at the Fair

Ohio State Fair 2017 Education

Fair is also a place where education mergers the flawlessly into the experience with hell fun, Fair Food and Fair Rides. Here are top 5 ways to get an education at Ohio State Fair 2017:

  • The Barns

It will take you step by step to come of several livestock facilities whole the State Fair. What the best way to learn about animals to close them? Get an Educational journey with Ag Cool Department of Agriculture at Ohio State Fair, where the farmer teaches the people how to behave with animals in daily life. You can visit each day at 4 pm.

  • Show off your Artistic Side

There, you and your fellows, family members and everyone can learn about the several art styles. The numerous media used and the influence of arts at Ohio State Fair. On giant Fair, children can also make their own artistic mark on “Monster Mural”.

  • Exotic Animals

Now you can see the animals from all over the world in Ohio Columbus.  There has a range of exotic animals including zebras, antelope, camels and kangaroos in Kiddieland Rides which is free stroking zoo.


Ohio State Fair 2017 - Education
  • Learn to farm

Learn about the farm at Ohio Farm Bureau Land and Living Exhibit at the Nationwide Donahey Ag and Hort Building. It is a largest industry of Ohio State. Kids can also use tractors and planting corn.

  • Travel back in time

Visit log cabin in Natural Resources Park. You will learn about the Public houses which created to initial innovators arriving in Ohio Columbus. Inside you will also learn about the colonial Fair Food and games.


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