Five Fabulous Christmas Games For Kids


Everyone knows that children love Christmas. You can help them celebrate the season with these five fabulous Christmas games for kids.

Balloon Relay is a wonderful, active Christmas party game for kids of all ages. You will need two balloons (red and green, the traditional Christmas colours), two chairs and two rulers. The children are sorted into two teams behind a starting line. The first player in each team gets a balloon and a ruler. They must bat the balloon to the opposite end of the room, around a chair and return to the start line before handing the ruler to the next player. The first team to complete the relay wins.

Christmas Card Hunt is an indoor Christmas game for both younger and older children. You will need at least three old Christmas cards for each player. Before the game, cut the cards across the middle, placing the top halves in a box and the bottom halves spread around the room. Each child chooses one card top from the box and hunts around the room to find the matching lower half. When a child matches the two halves, they can choose another top from the box, until there are no more cards left. The child with the greatest number of complete cards at the end of the game wins.

Happy Christmas is a quieter Christmas game. Players are seated in a circle. One player starts by counting “One”. The player immediately on their left counts “Two”, and so on around the circle. However, when a player should say any multiple of five (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc.) they cannot say their number but should say, “Happy Christmas!” in its place. If a player counts the wrong number, says a multiple of five, says “Happy Christmas!” at the wrong time or says “Merry Christmas!” instead sits out for the rest of the game until only one player (the winner) is left.

Jingle Bells is another active Christmas game. Each child except one will need a blindfold. The remaining player needs a small bell. The child with the bell moves around a defined area, jingling the bell and saying “Merry Christmas!” while the other players try to catch him. If he is caught, the players swap places. If you don’t have large space, you could have only four or five children to take turns trying to catch him at a time.

Ho Ho Ho can be so much fun, you won’t believe it! One player lies on the floor and the next player lies perpendicular with their head on the first player’s stomach. The third player lays down in the same direction as the first player with their head on the second player’s stomach, and so on. When everyone is in position, the first player says “Ho”, the second player says “Ho-Ho” and each successive player increases the number of “Ho’s”. If any player misses their number of “Ho’s” or laughs or giggles, the whole group must start again. You can also play the game as a race between two teams.

Further information on these and many other Christmas party games can be found on our website.

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