[Exclusive] 5+ Best Things you need to know about Indiana State Fair 2017

Things To Do - Indiana State Fair 2017

One of United State America’s best state fairs will attract approximately a million guests to the fairgrounds and Indiana Farmers Coliseum.

Do you plan on exhibiting or competing at the Indiana State Fair 2017???

Yes…!! It’s a busy schedule full of so much fun with attractive Things to Do at Indiana State Fairgrounds. See the best 5+ Things to Do at Indiana State Fair and Indiana Farmers Coliseum here.

  • Food

One of the most attractive things at Indiana State Fair 2017 is State Fair Food. Goodwin Family products and their pig sticks are most famous among the people.

Indiana State Fair Food 2017


  • Free Stage Concerts

Second famous thing among the people is State Fair Concerts. You do not want to miss these concerts, given below:

  1.  ABBA The Concert
  2. Laura Marano Concert
  3. The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
  4. Mountain Dew Gospel Music Festival

Indiana State Fair 2017 Concerts


  • Draft Horse Show

Classic Series Joint Six Horse Hitch, Halfinger and Draft Pony and Belgian Registered Gelding Team present this show to the audience.

Indiana State Fair 2017 - Horse Show


  •  Little Hands on the Farm

In this show you can harvest, farming the products and receive the money and it is presented by College Choice.

Indiana State Fair 2017 - Little Hands on the Farm


  • Indiana Beer and Spirits Exhibit

At Indiana State Fair you can relax with wine, beer and spirits exhibition. This exhibit is for age 21 or above.

Indiana State Fair 2017 - Beer


  • Midway Rides

Are you looking for an amazing view from the sky?? Then Midway State Fair Rides is where you will need to be.

Indiana State Fair 2017 - Midway Rides


  • Animals

There are so many amazing animals like swine, poultry, horses, dogs and many more. You have an opportunity to learn about animals.


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