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Indiana State Fair 2018

Are you looking for the wonderful world of food??? Where you grow it?? Where you sell it?? Where you cook it?? Where you eat it?? Now at the Indiana State Fair 2017, you will do all these things and you will have fun celebrating it. The Indiana State Fair 2017 comes back to the integrity of youth, education, agriculture and fun environment. This famous and annual Fair held in Indianapolis, Indiana in the month of August every year. According to the Indiana Government, the highest attendance was about 978, 296 in 2013. Indiana Farmers Coliseum is the largest building at the fairground of Indiana. The fairgrounds are located at the northwest corner of 38th Street and Fall Creek Parkway. When the State Fair is not being held then these State Fair buildings are booked for the other state events and shows. Indiana State Fair 2017 Credit: visitindiana

Indiana State Fair 2017 - History:

The Indiana General Assembly passed an act proposed “to encourage agriculture” growth in the state in February 1851 and the agriculture promoter was Governor Wright at that time which also comprised the development of a State Board of Agriculture. The main and primary purpose of this board was to organize an Indiana State Fair. Finally the dream comes true, The First Indiana State Fair was held in October 20-22 1852 on the grounds of Military Park which is west of Downtown Indianapolis, but after the 8 years, the new location was recognized for State Fair in 1860 at the Alabama Street, north of city and the area was approximately 38 acres. The rank of Indiana State Fair is 6th in the category of annual Statewide Agriculture Fair. The Indiana State fairgrounds were rehabilitated into Camp Morton during the American Civil War. During the war years, in Indiana fairgrounds, no state fair was held but it was held again in 1865 at the Fort Wayne. For the First Time, On September 19th, 1892 the gates opened at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on the East 38th street and since then, Indiana State Fair has been constantly held in Indianapolis. Indiana State Fair 2017 History Credit: historicindianapolis

Indiana State Fair 2017 - Explosion and Collapse History:

A propane tank exploded in the Indiana State Fair Coliseum, 54 people died on the spot and 20 people died due to their serious injuries on October 31, 1963. Total 74 people killed in the Indiana State Fair 1963 and above 400 people were injured. This was the swear tragedy in the history of Indianapolis. Due to high winds or probably thunderstorm collapsed the roof over the grandstand on August 13th, 2011. About 7 people died and 58 were injured. The concerts were shifted indoor to the Fairgrounds Coliseum and Coliseum reopened in 2014.

Indiana State Fair 2017 - Schedule:

Are you ready for the most awaited State Fair of USA??? The Indiana State Fair 2017 schedule and dates have been broadcast and State Fair will be held in the month of August. Dates of Fair are August 4-20, 2017 and the location of State Fair 2017 is 4-H Exhibit and Auditorium, Agriculture Horticulture Building and Barto’s Banquet Hall. Indiana State Fair 2017 Schedule Credit: indianastatefair

Indiana State Fair 2017 - Attractions:

Frequent locally-known entertainers have performed at Indiana State Fair and this fair give you an opportunity to enjoy with your friends and family, some attractive features are given below, • Hoosier Lottery Grandstand • Indiana Farmers Coliseum • METROPCS Family Park • Pioneer Village • Grounds Entertainment • In The Barns Indiana State Fair 2017 – Attractions Credit: indianapolis-indiana.funcityfinder

Indiana State Fair 2017 - Famous Visitors:

There are some famous visitors who upsurge the popularity of Indiana State Fair. • In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson • President George W. Bush • Bill Clinton • John F. Kennedy • Franklin D. Roosevelt • Barack Obama They all have made special arrivals at The Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Indiana State Fair 2017 - Fair Rides:

Are you ready for Indiana State Fair Rides at Fairgrounds??? See the list of special rides here: Sr#                  Fair Rides Name                                  No. of Coupons Required 1                        Alien Abduction                                               2 2                        Bear Affair                                                        4 3                        Blizzard Himalaya                                           2 4                        Bulgy the Whale, Kiddieland                         2 5                        Bumble Bee, Kiddieland                                2 6                        Bumble Bee Bop                                             3 7                        Century Wheel, Kiddieland                            2 8                        Cliffhanger                                                        2 9                        Convoy                                                              4 10                      Crazy Mouse Coaster                                     3 11                       Cuckoo Haus                                                   2 12                      Dino                                                                   2 13                      Fireball                                                              4

Indiana State Fair 2017 Fair Rides

Credit: indianapolis-indiana.funcityfinder

Indiana State Fair 2017 – Food:

Have you got bored to eat home-made food??? Now visit the Indiana State Fair 2017 for special and delightful Fair Food. The most delicious foods of the fair which you will love to eat are: • Cottage Cheese • Bagel Cream Cheese • Breakfast Sandwich • Fried Mozzarella Sticks • Frozen Custard • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches • Ice Cream Cones • Milk Shakes • Cheese Biscuits • Yogurt • Corn Dogs • Hot Dogs • Soft Drinks Indiana State Fair 2017 Food Credit: entrepreneur

Indiana State Fair 2018 – Tickets:

Do you want to know about the Indiana State Fair 2018 Admission Tickets? Here are the tickets prices: • Advance General Entry: $8 • Family 4-Pack: $30 • Parking Pas: $5 Each ticket is valid for one day at Fair. Kids ages 5 years old and below receive the free entry at the Indiana State Fair and they do not need to buy a ticket.

Indiana State Fair 2018 – Discounts:

Did you know Indiana State Fair 2018 offers special discounts deal at Fair??? Checkout the State Fair discounts on the admission tickets here: • ONEMAIN Financial Big Brothers Big Sister Day: Fairgoers donate $1 • CHEVROLET Military Day: Free entry for army ID cards holder • Tuesday Pres. By IDOE: Admitted for only $2 • Indiana Pork Day: Free Entry, printed Tickets • Farmers Day: Free Entry, Valid for one day Indiana State Fair 2017 Parking Credit: indianastatefair

Indiana State Fair 2018 – Parking:

State Fair offers some options to park your vehicles at Indiana State Fair. See the Parking Spots below: • Free State Fair Park and Ride • Fairgrounds Parking • Ride Safe Indiana Motorcycle Parking Lot • State Fair E-Z park • Accessible Parking • Pedal and Park • IndyGo Public Transportation