Best Ways to Save Money at the Ohio State Fair 2017

Best Ways to Save Money at the Ohio State Fair

Special Discounts on Entry Prices closely every day with advance sale tickets, cell phones discounts and many more, there are different ways to save your money at The Ohio State Fair 2017. Special Days discounts which is not valid with other offers:


Date 2017


Event Names



July, 24th Wednesday WBNS 10 TV $ 3 Before 3 pm
July 25th Thursday Kroger Feeds Ohio $ 3 Before 4 pm
July 26th Friday Meijer Day Free Coupon (purchase two pairs of jeans)
July 27th Saturday AEP Ohio $ 5 Before 5 pm
July 28th Sunday Veterans and Military Day Free
July 29th Monday NBC4 Family Value Day Kids under 12, Free Before 6 pm
July 31 Wednesday QFM 96 Fair Attitude $ 5 All day
August 1st Thursday AAA Show Your Card and Save Day $ 4 Between 2 – 4 pm
August 2nd Friday Ohio Lottery Day $ 4
August 3rd Saturday Ohio Soybean Day $ 4
August 4th Sunday Pepsi Cola Day $ 3 Before 3 pm

Best Ways to Save Money at the Ohio State Fair


Advance Sale Tickets and Coupons:

In AAA locations with AAA membership and Ticketmaster outlets through August 4th Prices are just $ 6 at Kroger. Printer Friendly vendor Fair Coupons can be also available and you can get discounts on everything like


Best Ways to Save Money at the Ohio State Fair


Free Entertainment and Activities:

There are many free activities in Ohio State Fair like live music at Fairgrounds Schedule with sorts of ranging.

There are also free Agriculture and Educational activities which families can visit and they are able to drink milk a real cow, spin wool and more. Parking spots are also available for visitors and they enjoy the Ag cool program at the day of July 24th to August 4th.

These are most catchy Reasons you should visit the Ohio State Fair 2017 and make our holidays best.

*Note: These prices are not updated. We will provide the updated tickets Info soon.


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