20+ Things To Do In Ohio State Fair 2017

Ohio State Fair 2017 - Columbus Commons
  • SegAway Tours of Columbus

    Ohio State Fair 2017 SegAway Tours Of Columbus

    400 N High St, Columbus Convention Centrer, Columbus.

  • Columbus Food Adventures

    Ohio State Fair 2017 Columbus Food Adventures

This is 1.6 miles far from Ohio Expo Center and Fairgrounds.


  • Ohio Stadium

    Ohio State Fair- Ohio Stadium

Check out the beautiful Ohio Stadium near the great Fair Food locations.


  • Ohio History Center

    Ohio State Fair 2017-Ohio History Center

See the 10 thousand plus year old Skeleton in Ohio History Center.


  • Ohio State University

    Ohio State Fair 2017-Ohio State University

Ohio State University Oval Beach is busiest place in spring days at campus and there are    hundreds of organization in campus to get involved in.


  • Short North Arts District

    Ohio State Fair 2017-Short North Arts District

There are many restaurants, bars, shops and galleries in Short North of Downtown Columbus and Parking spots are also available near Downtown.


  • North Market Farmer’s Market

    Ohio State Fair 2017-North Market Farmer's Market

    Fresh vegetables and fruits are available in North Farmer’s Market with Discounts on various things.


  • Ohio Theater

    Ohio State Fair 2017-Ohio Theater

    Ohio Theater is beautiful on the inside, well organized and staff of theater is very helpful.

  • Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

    Ohio State Fair 2017-Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

    This is well maintained park, you must spend your free time here with beautiful nature.


  • Mapfre Stadium

    Ohio State Fair 2017 - Mapfre Stadium

    Mapfre Stadium is a soccer specific stadium in Ohio and most famous stadium in USA and get discounts on entry tickets like Ohio State Fair Tickets.

  • Center of Science and Industry

    Ohio State Fair 2017 COSI

    COSI is a wonderful place to take the children and you can find new things in it that’s why you should Visit the Ohio State Fair because of these beautiful places.


  • German Village

Ohio State Fair 2017 - German Village

German Village has a modern small houses with few restaurants and book stores.


  • Ohio Statehouse

    Ohio State Fair 2017 - Ohio Statehouse

    Ohio State-house is worth visiting because it’s restored to the original look.

  • Greater Columbus Convention Center

    Ohio State Fair 2017 - Greater Columbus Convention Center

    The convention center in Short North is offer the very nice venue for the event.

  • Scioto Mile

    Ohio State Fair 2017 - Scioto Mile

    There are indoor and outdoor seating with a great lunch menu and fresh atmosphere. Look the Summer Outfits of Ohio local people.

  • Pedal Wagon Columbus

    Ohio State Fair 2017 - Pedal Wagon Columbus

    Visit the Pedal Wagon Columbus and State Fair Rides to get fun with the friends.


  • Brothers Drake

    Ohio State Fair 2017 - Brothers Drake

    Drakes Brother Meadery Flight with delicious Food.

  • Downtown Columbus

    Ohio State Fair 2017 Downtown Columbus

    Beautiful view of Downtown Columbus.

  • Middle West Spirits

    Ohio State Fair 2017 - Middle West Spirits


  • Newport Music Hall

    Ohio State Fair 2017 - Newport Music Hall

    Most entertaining music hall and Concerts in Ohio Columbus.

  • Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum

    Ohio State Fair 2017 - Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum


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